Month #2: Summary

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It's January now, and Tokyo is sooooo cold this month (ok, maybe it's only soooo cold to me, I'm from a Tropical country =P).

Well, at least the cat thinks it's cold too...
(photo taken from a restaurant in the ski resort)

We've both went on our holiday at the year end, P went to visit Italy, and I went for a 5 days snowboarding trip in Nagano area (Japan). My body is aching a little after the trip but felt pretty awesome after a good break.

I miss the ski resort... 😦

Anyhow we are both recharged! Construction on is being resumed!

One month has passed again since the last summary... It's time to do a summary of the progress of Bloggie. Oh ya, Bloggie sort of became the name we want to go with! We bought the domain. I wanted to get initially, but it was taken. oh well, looks kind of cool too. ^_^ In fact, I think it's cooler than .com now (totally not because I couldn't get it).

Here's a list of things that we've done this month.

user value

  • styling improvement
  • replying to comment
  • inbox & notification is introduced (inbox is pretty big, this includes many smaller hooks: comment notifications, follow notification, etc)
  • nav bar dropdown
  • bought
  • github registration
  • front page (rough UI)
  • other bug fixes (saving html into db)
  • slug generation for content name
  • very rough profile page


  • test environment setup - (rpsec, factorybot, capybara)
  • CI is introduced
  • image uploading moved to S3
  • markdown-it is introduced (better performance, more extension)

Using my amazing estimation skill as a software engineer ಠ_ಠ, I believe the site will be usable in another month!

Some interesting stuff in the pipeline:

  • support tweets in post
  • support emoji
  • better home page
  • better draft page
  • better profile page
  • able to comment in markdown
  • better image uploading experience

some less interesting but still pretty good stuff:

  • add terms
  • support ssh so users feel safe
  • feature explanation page
  • bloggie's vision page

stay tune!

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