Adding Software Entry to Gnome Launcher in Ubuntu 20.04

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Tan Jun Rong

There are a few ways to install a software in Ubuntu. One way is through apt install, another is through the GUI store called Ubuntu Software. Somtiems, certain programs are not available through both of this methods and just came in a .tar.gz file or .deb file.

When a software is installed through this method it might not show up in the Gnome Launcher. Today I installed the Canary version of Android Studio to try out some alpha version of an Android library, and it's Android Studio Canary Preview is not showing up in my Gnome Launcher.

But I found a way to solve it, so writing this to share it.

I used a program called alacarte to help me with this. It can be installed by simply running $ sudo apt install alacarte.

After installing, it can be launched by calling it from the command line: $ alacarte:


After that click on "New Item":

New Item
New Item

After that I filled in the name, the path and upload a logo for it.

Tada! It will now show up in my Gnome Launcher when I click on the Super Key:
Gnome Launcher

That's all, I hope you find this useful if you face the same problem! 👋