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  • Conditionally Rendering React Components in TypeScript

    Using union type and type guards to effectively type your React components.

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  • Understanding typings of redux-thunk action

    Deciphering the TypeScript definition of redux-thunk action.

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  • Debugging Go with Delve and VSCode

    A tutorial on setting up delve debugger to debug Go code running in a Docker

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  • Linting TypeScript with ESLint

    With the deprecation of TSLint, it's time to check out how to integrate ESLint to your TypeScript project.

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  • TypeScript: Understanding how Omit = Pick + Exclude

    The Pick and Exclude types are part of the utility types provided in TypeScript. The Pick utility type was introduced in TypeScript 2.1. Later on, in TypeScript 2.8, the Exclude type was added. The combination of these two utility types enables th...

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  • Refactor the TSLint Configuration using 'extends'

    Adding linters would help to make your project more robust as it might be able to catch programming errors, bugs, typos and etc. If you are using Typescript, you could use TSLint to lint your project. The full list of lint rules are available here...

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  • Housekeeping the Webpacker /packs folder

    If you're using Webpacker in your Rails app to manage javascript or assets, you might have noticed the public/packs folder is pilling up with compiled files. In development, Webpacker could be configured to compile on demand whenever app/javascrip...

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