Prevent Turbolinks from reloading the page when clicking anchor links

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Turbolinks sends another server request when clicking an anchor link that points to the same page. For example, when you're in the posts#show page and click an anchor link like #comment-123, it'll hit the posts_controller's show action again to do a full page reload.

You can use the workaround posed from the community to temporary fix this issue.

document.addEventListener("turbolinks:click", (event) => { const anchorElement = const isSamePageAnchor = ( anchorElement.hash && anchorElement.origin === window.location.origin && anchorElement.pathname === window.location.pathname ) if (!isSamePageAnchor) return event.preventDefault() Turbolinks.controller.pushHistoryWithLocationAndRestorationIdentifier(, Turbolinks.uuid() ) })

Import that fix after the original Turbolinks:

import Turbolinks from "turbolinks" import "extensions/turbolinks"

Alternatively, as this comment suggested, you can "add data-turbolinks="false" to the anchor link to opt-out of Turbolinks behavior".

Personally, I prefer to keep the HTML native in this case.