Capybara: Trigger Blur Event

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I have a feature spec to test the Javascript behavior of the blur event, sadly Capybara's native DSL doesn't seem to support it yet.

After quick research, I found two options.

Simulate tab away from the element

field = find(target)
field.native.send_keys :tab

Click the page body


My Pick

Both worked for me, pick one you like. I prefer the first one, so what I end up is something like this:

module CapybaraActions
  def blur_from(locator)
    field = find_field(locator)
    field.native.send_keys :tab

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.include CapybaraActions, type: :feature

And to use it:

scenario "Save contents automatically", :js do
  fill_in "post_body", with: "Long time ago..."
  blur_from "post_body"

  expect(page).to have_content("Saved")

Tested with Capybara 3 with Headless Chrome.

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